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The DMEGC Chengji electronics India Pvt. ltd. (subject to company name Registered by Indian Government) in the area of Noida in India specialization in the production of coin vibration motor to serve the Local phone manufacturers in India

Overthe next few years .The company will focus on enlarging the size of coin and linear motor, developing relevant intelligent terminal components, and is planning to establish production bases in India and other countries to serve global customers.

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Coin Vibration Motor

Due to their small size and enclosed vibration mechanism, coin vibrating motors are a popular choice for many different applications.

Linear Motor

By directly coupling the load to the motor you will see improved positioning accuracy, speed regulation, and reduced energy usage, all resulting in a higher performing machine.

Intelligent Terminal Components

Intellegent Terminal model is a computer speciality designed for weighbridge applications , and it is used at weighbridges for printing Weighment slips and generating Weighment reports.

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The entire telecommunications sector has evolved from just a few large players in the market to a much more decentralized market. 

The Electronics Industry is driven by innovation and a lot of money and effort goes into research and development to design and make improved parts and products, as well as improve manufacturing processes.

This can be a short description about a project or an industry you are contributing to through the reliable products you build.

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